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Facial Artwork.

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What is the V-Line Series?

The V-Line Series is a simplified, systematic way of assessing and treating the aging face.

The Main Concept:
“Dermal Fillers can be used to lift, narrow, and contour the face. BTOXN A, Threads, and energy devices can enhance the result .”

Joseph, PA, CEO, Creator and Master trainer

Anatomical Logic for V Lifting

Since the basis of aging is volume loss, injection artists use fillers in the:

5th layer | Bone and periosteum: recreate bony foundation.

Example: Ristow space and anterior maxillary region. 

4th layer | Deep fat and ligament: reflate fat pad and support ligaments. Use higher G’* filler.

Mainly for lifting and projection. 3 D injection.

3rd layer | Muscles: lift lips/mouth corner elevator muscles via lever-pulley system and myomodulation effect. This results in maximal cheek and mouth corner lift.

2nd layer | Superficial fat: reposition fat pad. Mainly for surface contour and diminish shadows.

Example: the inferior orbital fat pad can be repositioned upward to cover or camouflage the lower orbital rim to smooth out the lid-cheek junction and rejuvenate the eyes. Use lower G’ filler. Voluma XC is ideal for mid-face Volumization

1st layer | skin: re-drapes skin envelope over bony fundament. Mainly for diminishing lines and wrinkles. 2 D injection.

Course Outline:

1. Line of ligament separates face into lateral and medial portion.

2. Assess if volume loss is occurring more in the lateral or medial portion.

Example of lateral volume loss

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Example of medial volume loss

More examples contrast medial vs lateral aging ( volume loss ).

  1. Medial injection projects the cheek.
  2. Lateral projection lifts the cheek.
  3. Injecting medially may lift the mouth corner for some patients.

Medial Injection Pattern

The progression from 1 to 3 demonstrates techniques advancing from basic to advanced. In my experience, Technique 3 carries more risk but delivers better results.

What are the key indicators for recognizing emergencies, such as arterial blockage?

1. The presence of localized pain that worsens upon returning home.

2: Blanching

Lateral Injection Pattern

How to lift the face lateral to the line of ligament!

By accurately identifying these anatomical features and skillfully administering fillers at the correct depth and in the appropriate quantities, we can significantly elevate the outcomes of our facial enhancements.

Prezygomatic space is bounded superiorly by orbital retaining ligament and inferiorly by zygomatic cutaneous ligament. Medial and Lateral SOOF exists in this space.

Additionally, this patient underwent a Power Slim treatment to enhance her chin contour, along with the application of fillers for a temple lift, aimed at enhancing her jawline.


Eye improvement ( fillers injected at temple and cheek to improve eye area )

Aesthetic Arterial Anatomy

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